Graduation Styles

Is your Graduation around the corner? If so, then take a look at our favourite cap friendly Graduation hairstyles…

Your Graduation should a day full of tons of pictures and a great deal of celebrations – not worrying about the one thing that seems to cause the biggest dilemma on the day, how to style our hair underneath the cap!

Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate that wearing the cap that day is a great honour but it doesn’t help us face the fact that we will undoubtedly spend hours on perfecting the flawless look for it to be ruined by a big hat! Don’t worry, we are here to help; we have discovered the styles that not only fit perfectly under the cap but also look incredibly endearing! 




Always assumed you can’t create this look because you haven’t just completed a degree in the fishtail? Well, we’ve all be fooled as surprisingly it’s actually rather simple! We are all aware of how long the Graduation day can be dragged out for and this is what makes the fishtail the ideal style as it’s the hairstyle that tends to look better the messier it gets, just what we need! Unlike the French plait which starts at the top of the head the fishtail works best at the nape of your neck, perfect for the placement of the cap.

1.       Start by pulling your hair back into a low, sleek ponytail with a disposable band

2.       Divide the ponytail into two equal sections

3.       Part a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the left ponytail

4.       Pull this piece of hair over the top of the left ponytail to the right ponytail

5.       Following this, separate a half-inch section of hair this time outside of the right ponytail

6.        Pull this piece over the top of the right ponytail to the left

7.       Duplicate this until your run out hair

8.       When you are finished plaiting secure the end with another elastic band

9.     Finish by cutting out the initial band at the nape of your neck, altering the hair so that there is no crease. Don’t be afraid to pull at the plait so it appears thicker and more relaxed



Tousled waves

Recognised as the hottest hairstyle of the summer, cascading layered curls can be achieved whether you rock a long style or even a bob and the best of it is, is that it can be worn in a relaxed manner taking away any additional stress that you definitely will not be needing on the day. It’s as easy as this, the night before your Graduation twist and pin up your hair in small sections. In the morning remove the pins and finger-comb through, adding extra curls with a curling tong if needed, and that’s it hair done!



A low bun

At first you may argue that this style may be a tad too boring for one of the biggest days of your life but trust us, mature and minimalistic hairstyles like the low bun, pinned low at the nape of your neck will complement your cap and gown immaculately. Incredibly simple to create it very much suits you’re sure to be rushed morning, all you will need is a hairbrush, hairspray and some hair grips. Begin with a centre parting, brush your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a band. Then twist your ponytail around the band to create a bun and secure with pins. If you’re not 100% happy with the completely sleek look, pull a few of your loose ends from the bun and complete with hairspray.  Another plus to this look is that it is easily persevered so if it’s in your plans to carry on the celebrations straight after the ceremony this style is the one for you as you won’t have to spare a thought to redoing your hair. 



                                   Good luck with which ever style you decide to rock, enjoy your hair stress free day and many congratulations!

Jemma Tilley