Coachella 2016 Hair Trends

This years Coachella provided us with some serious hair inspiration, and we are loving the rainbow hair and 90’s double bun.

First of all, the double bun! Many of our favourite celebs were rocking the double bun this year taking inspiration from a very 90’s Gwen Stafani. We have three different styles to talk about, relaxed and messy, elegant and pretty and bold and daring! First off we have Kendall Jenner’s brunette buns which were a relaxed, easy going look very achievable and wearable to any festivals you may be attending this year. We also saw style blogger Chiara Ferragni giving us some half up, half down double buns, perfect for both long and short hair if you want something a little more feminine.

Finally we adored Katy Perry’s candy floss pink buns which were slick, smooth and tidy. If you’re wanting to go bold this summer then that is definitely the look for you! You can achieve any of these three looks this festival season all you will need is a brush, some hair ties and some Schwarzkopf Silhouette hairspray to hold everything in place!

Tip: You can add glitter to your roots if you want a little something special to your look.


Lastly we saw some amazing rainbow braids from Kylie Jenner. Following on from our love of Irene Kim’s rainbow hair we think after seeing Kylie’s bold braids the multicoloured style will be all the rage this season!