Colour Envy: Kylie Jenner


Social media it-girl, Kylie Jenner is a main source of our hair inspiration here at Evoke Creative. She’s been green, blue, had long beach waves, and rocked a messy lob. Whatever she does, it works; and it works well. So, we’ve compiled a list of our personal favourite Kylie Jenner looks, and how to achieve them.



The Best of Both Worlds

The ‘bronde’ look has been favoured by many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and it’s the perfect way to brighten up brunette hair for the summer. 

In bronde hair, strands of blonde and brunette hair mingle and flow together. Added highlights in two or more shades which sit close to the natural hair coloir. Brunettes can achieve the bronde hair by adding slightly lighter strands of hair. Depending on the starting hair colours, blondes achieve the sun-kissed brunette look by colouring strands of the hair darker. Golden blonde and light brown are colour options, but, this will depend on your natural hair colour.

This type of look works all all hair types and hair lengths, and is available right here in our salon through our Balayage treatment. Fabulous hand painted highlights to create a natural glow throughout your hair. 



glam grey

Thought going grey was a nightmare? Think again. Many women look great with grey hair, many men are seen to be stylish with grey hair.

The grey hair trend has proved very popular over the last few months, with many celebrities adopting this look. The likes of Kylie Jenner, Rihanna & Kate Moss have all followed in this trend, and designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel and many more have all used grey-haired models for their catwalks.



Out of the Blue

For those who are feeling slightly more adventurous with their hair, the aqua hair is a perfect way to go, and a personal favourite of mine.

Distressed and muted tones of aqua, blue, neon green and navy bring a colourful edge to darker hairstyles. Tones vary from singular to a mismatch of hues, worked in from the roots to the tips or left as an ombré effect. Roots are visible throughout for a grunge-inspired finish and styles are generally unkempt and flyaway. 




how to achieve these looks


 At Evoke Creative Hair, we have a wide range of coloured dyes to help you achieve whatever colour you desire. Furthermore, to keep your hair strong & healthy after colouring, we offer the Olaplex treatment.

Olaplex redefines coloured hair, making your hair stronger and looking healthier. The new BOND multiplier that dramatically reduces breakage due to chemicals.

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